About Liposuction

Do you find it nearly impossible to get rid of fat in your problem areas - such as hips, thighs, ankles, back, arms, stomach, or chin - no matter how healthy your diet or how vigorous your exercise routine?

Liposuction is the specialist plastic surgeon's method of sculpting the body. Liposuction is used to remove stubborn fat deposits ard alter the contours of the body.

Advances in liposuction techniques have greatly improved the results you can achieve. The procedure is very straightforward. Tiny incisions are made at the sites where fat is to be removed and a solution is infused to provide anaesthesia, reduce bleeding and improve fat extraction.

Dr Lim uses various sizes and dimensions of extraction cannulae, hollow, tubular instruments with holes at one end to trap the fat. The cannula is attached to suction tubing through which the fat is removed.

During this procedure, Dr. Lim reshapes your body by removing stubborn fat deposits. He takes his time sculpting your new body, leaving you with a more trim, and defined physique.

Liposuction Surgery