Breast Augmentation Pre-Post Op Care

PRE Operative Instructions

Notify Dr Lim of any other medication that you are currently taking.

Do not take any medication that contains aspirin for two weeks before your procedure. Aspirin thins the blood and this can result in unnecessary blood loss during your procedure.

Please stop smoking for two weeks before and two weeks after your procedure. Smoking decreases blood flow to the skin and may delay healing.

Do not drink alcohol for two days before and two days after the procedure as it can interfere with the sedation you are given during surgery.

Arnica, available from your health food store, is recommended to be taken before and after surgery. Arnica is available in tablet, spray and papule form. Please take as directed a day prior to surgery. Vitamin C is to be taken two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Arnica may help to reduce bruising and Vitamin C may help to assist healing, both may result in a reduced healing time.

Do not wear any nail polish, makeup or jewellery to the hospital and leave any valuables at home.

It is recommended that you take a loose shirt that buttons up down the front with you to wear home from the hospital. We will supply you with a soft bra to wear home from hospital. Following this you will need to buy a support bra (no underwire) or crop top to wear for the first few weeks following surgery.

Be prepared for at least three days of very minimal activity after the procedure.


POST Operative Instructions

You will be discharged on the same day. Dr Lim will remove your dressings and fit you into a bra and implant stabiliser prior to discharge. If staying overnight, Dr Lim will visit you in the hospital the morning after the procedure and the staff will arrange for you to be discharged after this.

A general anaesthetic can take some days to recover from and if you feel a little slow and not "yourself" for a few days this is probably quite normal. If you have any concerns please contact the rooms.

The amount of pain experienced post-operatively is extremely individual. For most women the first two to three days are the most painful.

You will be given oral pain relief to take home with you if this does not control your pain please contact the rooms.

It is very important that the course of antibiotics you are prescribed is taken until all tablets are finished.

Your bra or crop top should be worn night and day for four weeks until all the swelling has subsided. Underwire bras are not recommended for at least four weeks. You will also have to wear an implant stabiliser for two weeks.

As your chest will feel quite tight you will be more comfortable if you sleep semi-upright on two to three pillows this will also help to reduce swelling and bruising.

The bruising, swelling and sensitivity in your breasts may take two to three weeks to settle. It is best to avoid physical contact during this time. Once you feel comfortable, physical contact may resume.

You will need to avoid lifting your arms above your head for the first two weeks and avoid lifting heavy shopping or children for the first three weeks. You may resume gentle walking after the first few days and drive after one week.

Contact the rooms if any of the following develop:

  • a high temperature above 38 degrees or chills
  • heavy bleeding or drainage from the incisions
  • increasing pain in the breast
  • redness around the incision which is spreading
  • tenderness and marked enlargement of either breast

You will need to see Dr Lim for review one week after the operation you will be contact be by Dr Lim’s staff to arrange this appointment.

Two weeks after your surgery, you may start massaging the scars with Vitamin E cream or oil. This only needs to be done for a short time twice a day for three months and will help the scar to heal and become less noticeable.

Both Dr Lim and the nursing staff are available to you in the post operative period and indeed at any time during your recovery. Should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact the rooms.