Brow Lift FAQ's

How is a browlift performed?
A browlift can be performed in several ways, depending on factors such as the position of your hairline and eyebrows. The incisions are hidden behind the hairline and will result in a hidden scar in the temple area. The surgery may be assisted with the use of an endoscope under the hairline area (keyhole surgery). In cases where there are very deep furrows that run the length of your forehead, a longer incision may be required. Dr Lim will discuss with you the best type of surgery for your requirements.
Will the procedure leave any scars?
All surgical procedures leave scars to some degree. In the case of a browlift, the scars are hidden underneath the hairline and are not visible.
What result can I expect?
It is important you speak with Dr Lim about your desires and what your expected outcomes are in getting any surgery. Dr Lim will answer all of your questions and discuss with you the best options for your requirements. As everyone is different, all surgical outcomes are different.
Are there any side effects of this procedure?
All surgery has some side effects, but if performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr Lim, these can be minimised. Side effects can include swelling, bruising, pain after surgery and scarring. There may also be altered sensation to the scalp which usually improves with time. Dr Lim will discuss all possible side effects with you during your browlift consultation.