Nose Reshaping Pre-Post Operative Care

PRE Operative Instructions


You must be fasted prior to your procedure - DO NOT EAT, DRINK (even water) or CHEW anything for at least 6 hours before your procedure. The hospital will ring you the day before your procedure to confirm your admission time.

Notify Dr Lim of any medications that you are currently taking.

Do not take any medication that contains aspirin, or take anti-inflammatory or herbal medication for two weeks before your procedure. Aspirin thins the blood and this can result in unnecessary blood loss during your procedure.

Please stop smoking for four weeks before and four weeks after your procedure. Smoking decreases blood flow to the skin and may delay healing.

Do not drink alcohol two days before and after your procedure as it can interfere with the sedation you are given on the day.

Arnica, available from your health food store, is to be taken the before and after surgery. Arnica is available in tablet, spray and papule form. Please take as directed a day prior to surgery. Vitamin C is to be taken two weeks before and two weeks after surgery. Arnica may help to reduce bruising and Vitamin C may help to assist healing, both may result in a reduced healing time.

Two days prior to surgery you will need to start using FESS nasal spray, available from your chemist. You will need to use the spray 2-3 times per day up each nostril.

Do not wear any nail polish, makeup or jewellery to the hospital and leave any valuables at home.

If you have a gastric band you will need to have a fluid diet the day before your surgery and fast for at least 8hrs on the day of your procedure.

It is recommended that you take something loose and comfortable with you to the hospital such as a shirt that buttons up the front. This will prevent any pressure on your face after your operation.



POST Operative Instructions


Dr Lim will visit you in the hospital the morning after the procedure and the staff will arrange for you to be discharged after this.

A general anaesthetic can take some time to recover from and if you feel a little slow and not quite yourself for a few days this is quite normal.

The splint over your nose must stay in place for one week until Dr Lim sees you for a check up. He will remove the splint and also the stitches at this time.

It is normal for the nose to be swollen and bruising to appear around the eyes. The use of ice packs to the eye area will help to reduce this. You may also use a face flannel rinsed out in ice cubes and cold water.

Continue using the FESS spray until reviewed by Dr Lim in the rooms.

Your nose may feel blocked after the first few hours. This is normal and will take a few days to clear.

Do not try to blow your nose even if it feels blocked.

If you need to sneeze open your mouth and sneeze out through your mouth.

It is best to sleep and rest in a semi upright position on two or three pillows to assist in reducing bleeding and swelling.

It is very important that the corse of antibiotics you are prescribed is taken until all tablets are finished.

If you have any bleeding contact the rooms or the hospital as soon as possible.

The amount of pain you experience is individual and varies from person to person. You will be given oral pain relief to take home, take as prescribed by Dr Lim.

Do not over exert yourself for the first four weeks as this can cause your nose to bleed.

Contact sports are also best avoided for six weeks to ensure the nose is well healed.

Contact the rooms if any of the following develop;

  • a temperature higher than 38°C or chills
  • Severe pain or tenderness
  • Spreading redness around the incision

Nursing staff from Dr Lim’s rooms will contact you for the first few days after the operation. Both Dr Lim and the nursing staff are available to you in the post operative period and indeed at any time during your recovery. Should you have any concerns or questions please do not hesitate to call the rooms.