Your Plastic Surgery Consultation With Dr Lim


Your initial consultation with Dr Lim takes about one hour and during this time Dr Lim will discuss with you the relevant procedure that he believes will meet your individual needs.

You will be provided with comprehensive information sheets for your perusal and a second consultation will most likely be arranged. This will provide you with the chance to speak further with Dr Lim to address any questions you may have.

Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

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Each and every one of Dr Lim's patients receives individualised attention starting with a friendly and very informative consultation.
This attention and care will continue throughout the post operative period too.

The importance of psychological factors to plastic surgery?

Emotional stability is a primary factor that will be considered before an aesthetic surgical procedure is performed by Dr Lim. Your new look will not guarantee to you a new life or an end to any personal problems or issues that that you may be going through. The mental attitude of patients is considered as a very important factor in determining their successful surgical outcome. Aesthetic plastic surgery may improve your appearance and give you a boost in self-confidence, but rest is up to you.

Please be aware that cosmetic consultations are partly rebatable from Medicare if you are referred by your General Practitioner. The referral from your GP will also provide us with useful information regarding your medical history.

Dr Lim and his experienced and friendly staff are available to you at all times to help you with making these very important decisions and also to ensure you have a successful outcome. A fully qualified plastic surgery nurse will also be available to assist you throughout your post-operative period.

Book a friendly one-on-one consultation with highly experienced plastic surgeon Dr Lim. During your consultation we will determine together whether or not you are a suitable candidate for the surgery you have in mind. We will discuss with you in detail all possible outcomes available to you.